MediumshipFrom a very early age, Psychic Medium Lana Johnson has been communicating with spirit. Mediumship has always been a part of her life. Even if she is not involved in a  Mediumship Reading, it’s not out of the ordinary for Lana to interact with those in spirit out of the blue, without consciously planning to do so. However any time Lana sets her intent and goes within, Lana is also in a position to begin obtaining details from spirit. While using her capability to connect with those on the other side, Lana requests confirmation to let her client understand she is unquestionably connecting with those on the other side.

Recently working with her husband during a hypnosis demonstration during one of their hypnosis classes Lana regressed back to her childhood, she was 6 years old. She got a smile on her face and then began giggling. When asked what was going on she responded that she saw the rocker at her grandmother’s house moving, and she was the only one who could see the older lady rocking in the chair. Her parents saw the chair moving, and where frightened. Lana thought is was funny because she knew what was going on there and she knew it was OK. This lady was her friend, she played with Lana when she went to visit her grandmother.

Although she was not able to convince her parents that it was OK that the chair was moving, by presenting validation that she is unquestionably in touch with those in spirit, Lana has learned to help her clients to understand that she is unquestionably in touch with their dearly departed loved ones in spirit. It really is not uncommon for those dealing with losing someone they care about to realize that their belief system has been adjusted after having a reading with Lana. Many of them discover that they’ve been aware of the presence of their deceased loved ones, but just couldn’t trust, understand or accept the information.

Lana the Medium

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Telita Young
2 months ago

I really enjoyed my reading I had with Lana. She is very easy to talk to and honest. She made me feel very comfortable. She made sure that she answered all of my questions. I highly recommend her for if you have questions and/or need guidance in your life. My experience was truly amazing.

Derecka Benson
3 months ago

Lana is super sweet and extremely gifted. Not only was she spot she even gave the exact name. I will definitely have another reading with Lana. Well worth every penny. She gave me the good, the bad, and the ugly. But it was everything I needed to know. Thank you Lana!

tasia green
3 months ago

I lost someone very important to me, and really needed some closure on the matter. I did some research online and found Lana. I figured I didn’t have much to lose, and decided to do an in person session with her. When I tell you this woman has a gift. SHE HAS A GIFT. She gave me information only myself and my loved one could have known, and said things that I would hear them say all the time. She also connected me with my great grandmother, who actually took over the session in the beginning. With I reached out to Lana, I didn’t even give her my name. Sure, she could have looked up my number, but there are very personal things she knew that she couldn’t have found about me online. My experience with Lana definitely gave me the closure and clarity I was looking for, and let me know my loved ones are still there watching over me. I am very happy I went to go see her. She also has an amazing personality and made me feel so comfortable! She is an awesome woman and very genuine soul. If you’re thinking about going to see a medium and you’re on the fence- go see Lana.

Michelle Northern
4 months ago

5 months ago

I am still emotional but so thankful that I had my session with Lana. Three of my relatives came through, although I was not surprised as they are pretty headstrong. Confirmations were absolutely undeniable from the start. Thank you again. I truly appreciate you and your time. Definitely look forward to our next session.

Lana is awesome. She’s an amazing healer and medium. We love her and grateful for the help she’s given my son and the healing she did for me!

9 months ago

I've seen her twice for healing after My loosing someone so close to me. She is the real deal! She provided so much detail that only he would know.

ashley candelaria
10 months ago

Today I got a reading and have felt like my sister was in the room and with me all day. Everything made sense and I feel so relieved knowing she’s okay. I would recommend Lana to anyone. The past month I have wondered if my sister was okay if she suffered and now I know she’s definitely happy.

miya so pretty
10 months ago

Wow this lady is the truth I spoke with my mama all the conformation I needed I'm glad I did this experience I'm so grateful I was able to talk to my mama

Melissa Catherine
10 months ago

I have been doing medium readings with Lana since my son passed away! She is absolutely amazing and the real deal! I would recommend her to anyone! I am at so much peace when she does readings for me!

Jen Merola
a year ago

Lana was fantastic! She was able to validate much information that only my passed loved one would know. She really painted a picture of their personality, it was well worth every penny!! I recommend anyone who wants to connect to someone they lost to go see Lana!

2 years ago

I had a gallery reading with Lana for moms who have lost a child. She was able to verify my son was sending her messages for me through info only he knew. It is such a comfort to know your loved ones are still with you in spirit, and Lana can confirm that for you. She is very down to earth and cares very much about her clients. She’s the real deal and I highly recommend her.

Peri Rose
2 years ago

I don't want to write a review for my selfish reasons....... but that should tell you how amazing Lana is - So I have to give credit where credit is due. I basically tricked my boyfriend into visiting Lana with me "for my birthday" since I had always wanted to experience it. No one knew my real motive, because my boyfriend was as skeptic as it gets. His father came through and the first thing said was that he was laughing, because "this was all a trick to get Colby to come here" and I made him believe it was for me. And that I had just sat in my car and requested that only him come through. Considering that, that happened verbatim 10 minutes prior in the parking lot.... in my car, with just me and my thoughts. I was in AWE... and feeling caught LOL.. all I could do was big smile at Colby. Safe to say this hour long conversation with and through Lana was everything I had hoped it would be and more. I'm honestly blessed to have found her, and to experience this with my boyfriend. We went last Friday, and I'm still in awe with the conversations had. It was a gift I never thought that could've been given. Thank you Lana! My heart is so full.

Jenna Collard
3 years ago

Lana deserves 10 stars, her gift is beautiful. It was amazing. She knew nothing about me and didn’t even know I was bringing my husband, and was accurate on everything. I have no Words to describe my experience except I will be back! Thank you Lana . See you soon

Aaron RN
4 years ago

After searching online for a medium in Dallas, I happened upon Lana’s page and decided to schedule a mediumship appointment with her. I lost my spouse a month prior and needed to see if I’d be able to make contact through her to get some closure. I’d never done anything like this before, but I went in with an open mind and heart to see if this experience would be helpful. I was not disappointed. Lana was able to make contact with my spouse, she provided specific information that would not have been possible to guess or infer by chance. She was able to describe his personality and conveyed messages from him to me that really helped bring me peace and comfort and confirm that he’s still with me. I would highly recommend Lana to anyone. She’s compassionate, lively and animated, and sincere in using her gifts to help and heal.

Michelle T
3 years ago

I was a slight skeptic at first, but I remained open to gain a full experience. With that being said, I enjoyed my reading with Lana. I left in tears due to the amazement of the session and how accurate Lana was. She was sincere, genuine and so helpful. I am now at peace with my lost loved ones thanks to Lana. I would love to see her again and would refer my friends to visit her. Skepticism aside, please remember to have an open mind when coming to a reading.

Shelly Cooper
3 years ago

I was referred to Lana from my sister’s coworker. I had a mediumship with her to connect with my Dad that had passed away few years ago. She gave me the gift of a lifetime. She connected with him, I cried so many happy tears. Lana verified info that no one would know but me and my Dad. A few months later I called her to help with another matter. Before I could tell her about the person she told me her name. I was amazed. Lana’s truly gifted.

Jackie Taylor
3 years ago

Lana is the real deal. Her abilities blew me away. This was my first mediumship experience, and it literally changed my life (too deep to explain in a review). Lana was kind, patient, and took time to explain things to me that I didn't understand. Thank you, Lana, for helping me feel close to my mother again - there are no words for that gift. I'll definitely be back to see you again.

Arianna Hidalgo
2 years ago

Lana is GREAT at what she does. HONEST AND GENUINE. She has done my readings many times and is always 100% correct. I’m a huge believer in tarot cards, however my brother was not. I took my brother to Lana for a tarot reading and he left her office mind blown and a believer! She was on point about everything! It took me a while to find someone as honest about their work and has reasonable prices. I will forever be coming to Lana for my tarot and mediumship sessions.

My session with Lana was awesome. She is really good at what she does and I was able to feel my mom and got some clarity of things that have been bothering since my mom passsed last year. It’s great to have people like her who help overcome things you weren’t able to say to your loved ones before they passed. Thank you Lana Ale

When you are ready to Schedule Your Mediumship Reading, check Lana’s schedule so that you can find a day and time that works for your Mediumship Reading, Tarot Reading or Trance Healing session. Lana works online over Zoom and has limited availability at her healing center in Grand Saline, Texas about 80 minutes east of Dallas.

Lana has been exploring Mediumship for many years, it’s a natural ability that she has fine tuned over the years. Get ready because you will be astonished as Lana reveals facts you are aware of as confirmation, and then delivers your true personal message from your loved ones on the other side.