The Best Medium in Dallas

I recently had a wonderful experience when I had the opportunity to meet Lana  at Spiritual Center in Richardson. I have to say that she has literally changed my life, both mentally and physically. The specifics she provided from my loved one I wanted to contact were no less AMAZING! Lana was able to hit the nail on the head about the soul mate that I lost a couple of years ago, and I’m not talking about generalities, either.She informed me of VERY specific things that no one else would have known.

I am so very grateful to have met her, because she really saved my life. When you lose a soul mate, your whole world stops. I was there and let me tell you, Lana brought me back to the living. Without her, I just don’t know where I would be now. Her kindness and understanding and erspecially her letting me know that death is not final, has given me hope. I now know that I WILL be with my soul mate again!

Lana is a much better medium than the others in Dallas who I was told were the best, though I won’t mention their names! They were nice and confirmed some of Lana’s info but MOST of the information they provided was so general that it could have fit anyone.Lana was able to provide confirmation to me so there was no doubt in my mind that she was actually communicating with my soul mate.

Thank you, Lana. I look forward to meeting with you again real soon!

Love, Anita

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