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Lana's Mediumship TrainingMediumship Training is not just for psychics. The fact is that everyone has some level of psychic ability. Take a moment and recall a time when you went to pick up the phone and perhaps you already knew who was calling. Maybe you have known when someone close to you, such as one of your children, was sick or in trouble. Others may recall driving and having a sense that there was a problem ahead, maybe a policeman waiting for someone speeding, which you knew before you saw anything.

These are natural abilities we all possess, though some are more connected to this type of knowing. While mediumship can take more work than accessing your psychic abilities, everyone is able to communcate with spirit. Typically it all boils down to one word, trust. Some people, like Lana, find that they can connect with the other side more naturally than others. That said, everyone, even those who communicating with spirit to be a natural process, are able to develop and improve their abilities over time.

Mediumship TrainingJoin Lana for her Mediumship Training in Dallas November 18-19, 2017 and learn more about connecting with spirit. Some students are interested in learning mediumship so they can help others connect with the other side, while others are interest in connecting with their own loved ones who have crossed over. Either way, when you enroll in Lana’s Mediumship Training, you will learn more about connecting and communicating with spirit.

Lana’s Mediumship Training includes 2 days of training that includes discussion, demonstration and plenty of hands on practice sessions with others in the class. The training location has multiple rooms available so students can break out into small groups to practice what they have learned in the class. This is the best way to learn mediumship.

The tuition for the 2 day training is only $250. When you have made the decision to register for the November 1-19, 2017 Mediumship Training in Dallas, please register below.

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November 18-19, 2017

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