Mediumship Gallery Readings

Lana participates in Mediumship Gallery Readings in Dallas, New Orleans and Houston. These experiences involve a Group Mediumship Experience in which some people in attendance have the opportunity to connect with this loved ones on the other side. Join Lana for a French Quarter Mediumship Gallery in New Orleans coming soon.

Mediumship Gallery

While these events are not the same as a private reading, they do provide the  opportunity to receive messages from the other side. Even those who do not receive messages from their lived ones are able to discover what actually happens when a medium connects with spirit and provides validation that they are connected to the other side.

By providing evidence that their loved ones are actually there, even if the evidence is not important, allows the person being read to know that there loved ones are there during the reading. This also helps them to better trust the messages they receive during their Mediumship Gallery Reading.

Lana travels to the northeast as well as to England to study with some of the most experienced mediums in the world today. Her clients come from all over the US, some even decide to fly in to see her as opposed to scheduling a session over Skype or Facetime.

A Mediumship Gallery provides many people with the opportunity to experience Mediumship. This provides them with the possibility of communicating with their lives ones and also allows them to see what it is like to experience a Mediumship Gallery before they make the decision to schedule a one on one reading in person or online over Skype or Facetime.

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Check back often for advanced notice of upcoming Mediumship Gallery Readings in Dallas, New Orleans and Houston. New events will be added here as soon as they are scheduled. Be sure to book soon as these events have limited seating and often sell out weeks before the event.