A Special Mediumship Reading

This is Mark, I am Lana’s husband. Every client who comes to see Lana for mediumship feels they receive a special mediumship reading. I’d like to share my special mediumship reading I had with my wife. Before I get started with that, I want to mention that Lana does not do this with her clients. Sometimes spirit will touch her, and she responds with “Do not touch me.” Other times she senses them attempting to come into her body, but she does not allow that either. This is different than all that and it happened when we were in New Orleans in September 2013.

Let’s start at the beginning. I am a hypnotherapist and I specialize in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression, but I was not always a hypnotherapist. My father was a hypnotherapist and I got to watch him hypnotize people and even had the opportunity to watch him guide them back to past lives starting when I was around 10 years old.

Special Mediumship ReadingIn 2003 my mom passed away and my father asked me to play the organ at the funeral. I got in touch with an old friend and got some music from her since I do not normally play that kind of music. She told me about going to see a hypnotist for weight loss, and the first time she was hypnotized, her spirit guide showed up and started talking. When she told me that I thought, “I want to learn hypnosis so I can talk to mom.” I don’t know where that came from, but it created a shift in my life that led me to end my career as a programmer and become a hypnotherapist. Looking back I suspect it may have been my higher self or one of my guides talking to me.

Fast forward to September 21, 2013. Lana and I were in New Orleans, she was getting ready to work a psychic fair and I was preparing for my first past life regression client of the day. Lana sent me a text and asked if it was mom’s birthday. I said no but told her that she passed away 10 years ago on that exact day. At this time when Lana would do a reading for me my mother did not connect with her as clearly as my father who had passed more recently.

That night we were back at the house where we stay in New Orleans and I asked Lana if she would do a mediumship reading to connect with mom since it had been 10 years since she passed. Lana agreed and closed her eyes, then she said you mother saying she is very proud of you and all the work you are doing, you are helping a lot of people.

Next I heard, you are doing the work your father really wanted to do. If he could have done whatever he wanted, he would have done exactly what you are doing, but he did not feel he could continue to support the family so he remained a doctor. But if he could have done anything at all, he would have done exactly what you are doing. We are so proud of you and I know your wife does not like doing this, but that’s too bad because your grandmothers are sitting on her and I want to talk. It’s great being in the body, I can move the arms and legs, but it’s wonderful to be in spirit as well because we can come and go and check in on all of you.

Not sure how long it took me to put 2 and 2 together and realize that this was why I learned hypnosis, so I could talk to mom. I guess I thought it would be in my own head, not like this. I have a 35 minute recording of this conversation I had with mom, 10 years to the day after she crossed over.

Lana found my profile listing on the Michael Newton Life Between Lives website and when she saw my picture she said, he’s going to be my next husband, we have an agreement, we are supposed to get married. She told her girlfriend who said you can’t marry him it’s old and he’s bald (Lana is actually spending the afternoon with her as I type this). Then she picked up the phone and called me to talk about scheduling an appointment for a past life regression session.

She did not tell me about this for several months after we met and started seeing each other. Had I not learned hypnosis, I would have never met her and I would never been able to have that conversation with mom like that.

On January 1, 2015 my father would have been 90 years old. So I asked if we could talk to him (at this point we had talked to mom, dad and one of my grandmothers). I talked her down into a trance state, and started talking about dad. I said, “well, today is an interesting day to do this because he would have been 90.” Then I heard, “I am not 90, we don’t have birthdays over here!” That was easy, I did not even have to ask to speak with him.

This is not unlike how I work with my clients when I help them connect with spirit guides, higher self, masters, angels and others in spirit who are with them during their Past Life Regression or Life Between Lives sessions. It’s even more special to me when Lana allows me to talk to my family on the other side. To repeat what I said before, Lana does not do this with just anyone. She will do it for me and only with my family.

This does not mean you will not have a special mediumship reading with Lana, it’s just another example of what an amazing medium she is. Of course it does not stop there, she is also a hypnotherapist, a past life regression therapist and, like John of God in Brazil, she also does Trance Healing.