Lana the Medium

Lana the MediumLana focuses on what is known as Evidential Mediumship, which means she provides you with evidence so that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is indeed communicating with your deceased loved ones. Also known as Lana the Medium, she provides you with specific details that only you and the one on the other side know. Lana helps you to believe the unbelievable, that she is communicating with the spirit of your loved ones on the other side.

Meditation is an important part of developing your ability to trust information from spirit. Lana has been meditating for years and she continues to do so as often as possible. The combination of her natural ability to connect with spirit and her years of meditation provide Lana with the ability to quickly connect with those on the other side.

Often this evidence will include unimportant details such as their favorite article of clothing, or something that they always did or said. Things that really do not amount to a hill of beans, but provide you will what you need to trust and believe that they are right there. This allows you to accept the messages they have from you from the other side of the veil.

Lana lives and works in the Dallas area, but she travels to New Orleans quite often. In addition, she does readings over the phone with people from around the country and around the world. She travels with her husband to New Orleans where he offers Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives sessions and they travel to Phoenix, Houston and Atlanta to teach Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression together.

Discover more about Lana the Medium here on this site as well as at Beyond Here and Now which is one of her other sites. Lana also offers Tarot Card and palm readings, in fact she prefers to begin her mediumship readings with a brief palm reading because it allows her to connect with her client. Quiet often is spirit is not there at the beginning of the reading, once she takes the hand of her client and begins sharing what she is receiving, spirit will show up so she can move into the mediumship reading.

So it does not matter if you in Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, Houston or even if you live anywhere else, Lana is available in person and over the phone to help you connect with those who have left their physical bodies behind but live on in spirit.

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