Buy the Little Yellow Ducks

I had a mediumship reading this afternoon and before that my husband and I went to the store for a few things.  As I was shopping this lady who had passed came to me and said she was the mother of my next client and she asked me to please buy these peeps candies for my daughters. She wanted me to buy the little yellow ducks, she insisted I get those, but instead I bought the little purple bunnies, not exactly what she requested, but still peeps.

little yellow ducksWe got in the car and my husband asked me why I got the Purple Bunnies Easter candy. I explained to him that spirit had guided me to buy that for my clients who were coming for a reading. He was fine with that, and understood that meant this candy was off limits.

When I got home I put the candy on the table where I would be doing the reading.  My clients arrived an hour or so later and they looked at the Purple Bunnies and as they looked at each other, tears came to their eyes.

I smiled and told them I was sorry, she wanted me to buy the Little Yellow Ducks but I wanted the Purple Bunnies. They laughed and said she always bought the Little Yellow Ducks and the Purple Bunnies peeps and they loved it. They also mentioned that she did prefer the little yellow ducks over the purple bunnies, so the fact that she had insisted on the yellow ducks provided them with even more validation.

At the end of the session I ask the girls if they got enough evidence to prove to them that their mother was there during the reading. They laughed and said “Yes, just the peeps candies would have proven that to us, but you provided much more that let us know without a doubt that she was here.”

I do my best to provide evidence to all of my clients, and spirit is happy to assist me in providing this to their loved ones who are still in the physical world. Usually this evidence comes during the session, but sometimes it happens before the session like it did today. Their mother was with me most of the day today, way before her daughters arrived for their mediumship reading.