About Lana

Lana Crop 400Lana Johnson is a popular Medium in Dallas who has been communicating with spirit for many years. Lana is a natural when it comes to communicating with the other side and she uses all of her gifts to access information for her clients in the most appropriate way possible. She is able to connect and communicate with your deceased loved ones in order to access the information they have for you in whatever way it is presented to her. Her ability to see, hear, fee, experience or just have a sense of knowing what they wish to share enables her to provide the knowledge, insight and guidance her clients desire when they seek her out for assistance. Continue reading to discover more About Lana the Medium

Lana has always provide what is known as Evidential Mediumship Readings, even before she learned more about that at the Arthur Findlay College in London. When providing a Mediumship reading, Lana asks for both evidence and validation so that you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is indeed communicating with your deceased loved ones on the other side. We are all intuitive and we all have psychic abilities, and Lana will be the first one to let you know that. Sure, there are some who, like Lana, have a very special gift when it comes to communicating with the other side. Those with these natural inborn abilities find it easy to connect with the other side as well as the guides and angels of their clients as well as their own guides and angels.

Get ready to have an insightful encounter with Lana Johnson. Just know that she is open to providing insight and guidance to assist those who seek her out. That’s why not only do people in the physical world call her for Mediumship readings, but she is often contacted by the other side by those who have a message for their loved ones who are still incarnated in this physical world.  Lana is truly a natural when it comes to both Psychic and Mediumship Readings.

When you visit Lana’s other site, Beyond Here and Now, you will discover much more about Lana the Medium, Mediumship, Tarot Readings and Trance Healing.