Lana connects with spirit and provides messages to her clients when they come to see her for a session. It is not uncommon for spirit to connect with her at other times. Often a waiter or waitress at a restaurant with have a deceased loved one with them. Sometimes spirit wakes her up at 3 am because they are excited their loved ones are coming in for a session that day. Contact Lana for information about Phone Readings More

Trance Healing

Trance Healing involves the transfer of healing energy to the subject from spirit. The difference between other healing modalities and trance healing is the state of consciousness of the trance healer. Often the Trance Healer will enter into a deep delta brainwave state, which is a very deep trance state. These sessions are in person sessions. Trance healing has become more well known due to the work of John of God. More

About Lana

Lana Johnson is a popular Medium from Dallas who has been communicating with spirit for many years. Her ability to see, hear, fee, experience or just have a sense of knowing what they wish to share enables her to provide the knowledge, insight and guidance her clients are seeking when they seek her out for a mediumship or psychic reading in Dallas, New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio or Chicago. Phone Readings available. More