Online Spiritual Circle with Lana the Medium

Are you ready to embark on a Spiritual Journey with Lana the Medium? To those searching for a deeper understanding of the universe and our profound connection to it, we welcome you to join our Online Spiritual Circle, an ethereal journey into the depths of your soul and the vastness of the spirit world.

The Online Spiritual Circle

Online Spiritual CircleBeginning June 4th, 2023, our circle will gather every other Sunday at 7 PM in a virtual space transcending physical boundaries, allowing us to connect from the comfort of our homes. This spiritual voyage will span three months, forming an unseen bridge between our earthly world and the spiritual realm.

Lana, our gifted Medium, will be your spiritual guide, leading you through the transformative journey for this Online Spiritual Circle. Her innate ability to connect with the spirit world and her deep understanding of spiritual power make her the perfect beacon to guide us. Lana’s warm, compassionate presence offers a safe and nurturing environment for spiritual exploration and personal growth.

Sitting in the Power

This unique journey will allow you to learn and practice the act of ‘sitting in the power.’ This process involves harnessing your inherent spiritual energy and elevating it to create a deeper connection with the spirit world. Lana will gently guide you in raising your power, helping you to align with the universal energy, and building a bridge between our world and the spiritual realm.

Elevating Your Intuitive Abilities

Online Spiritual CircleThese gatherings are more than meetings; they are transformative experiences. As we journey together, you will enhance your intuitive abilities and strengthen your spiritual connections. This online spiritual circle will help you tune into your innermost self, enabling you to trust your intuition, understand spiritual messages, and connect more deeply with the spirit world. Allow Lana to share her gifts with you as she guides you on this amazing journey through powerful experiences that help you to make your own connections with spirit in this Online Spiritual Circle.

Answer the Spiritual Call

Are you ready to unlock your spiritual potential? Are you prepared to elevate your power, connect with the spirit world, and develop your intuitive abilities?

If your soul yearns for this spiritual growth, if your heart resonates with this calling, it’s time to answer it. Embrace this chance for spiritual enlightenment and join our Online Spiritual Circle.

Mark your calendars for every other Sunday at 7 PM, beginning on June 4th, 2023.

Register Now for this transformative experience. Let your spiritual journey begin with Lana, and together, let’s explore the spirit world that lies within and beyond us.

Remember, spirituality invites you to be an active participant, not merely an observer. Your presence, energy, and spirit enhance the power of our circle, and together, we can achieve profound spiritual growth in this powerful Online Spiritual Circle.

We can’t wait to embark on this journey with you.


Should you have any questions about the Online Spiritual Circle, please contact Lana by phone or text at 469-360-0921.