MediumshipFrom a very early age, Psychic Medium Lana Johnson has been communicating with spirit. Mediumship has always been a part of her life. Even if she is not involved in a  Mediumship Reading, it’s not out of the ordinary for Lana to interact with those in spirit out of the blue, without consciously planning to do so. However any time Lana sets her intent and goes within, Lana is also in a position to begin obtaining details from spirit. While using her capability to connect with those on the other side, Lana requests confirmation to let her client understand she is unquestionably connecting with those on the other side.

Recently working with her husband during a hypnosis demonstration during one of their hypnosis classes Lana regressed back to her childhood, she was 6 years old. She got a smile on her face and then began giggling. When asked what was going on she responded that she saw the rocker at her grandmother’s house moving, and she was the only one who could see the older lady rocking in the chair. Her parents saw the chair moving, and where frightened. Lana thought is was funny because she knew what was going on there and she knew it was OK. This lady was her friend, she played with Lana when she went to visit her grandmother.

Although she was not able to convince her parents that it was OK that the chair was moving, by presenting validation that she is unquestionably in touch with those in spirit, Lana has learned to help her clients to understand that she is unquestionably in touch with their dearly departed loved ones in spirit. It really is not uncommon for those dealing with losing someone they care about to realize that their belief system has been adjusted after having a reading with Lana. Many of them discover that they’ve been aware of the presence of their deceased loved ones, but just couldn’t trust, understand or accept the information.

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Lana has been exploring Mediumship for many years, it’s a natural ability that she has fine tuned over the years. Get ready because you will be astonished as Lana reveals facts you are aware of as confirmation, and then delivers your true personal message from your loved ones on the other side.