A Mediumship Massage

Recently Lana began a massage but the session changed into a Mediumship Massage. This happens from time to time, and she takes it where it needs to go. Here’s Lana’s story.

A few weeks ago I was waiting for my massage client and talking with my co-worker at the office who had been preaching to her client. So I said “Why do you preach to your clients?” and Misty said “I just want to share God with everyone so they can feel the love I feel”.

My client walks in as my co-worker is talking and hears what she is saying. She says “Don’t talk to me about God, I’m an atheist and I don’t want to hear about God.” My partner added, “Oh OK, well you have Lana, she’s the right one for you.” I laughed and said “that’s OK, I understand, come with me” and walked her to my room where she undressed and got on the massage table.

I opened the door and started her massage. She started telling me how bad she feels and all the things that have happened to her back. I was quiet and just listened to her story. Then it went silent and I said “I’m also a medium and I would never go against your belief system but your Mother is here and she tells me you need soul retrieval. She is asking me to do this for you. I would talk to her for you but knowing you don’t believe in God or life after death I don’t want to offend you so I won’t talk to her for you.”

She said “No it’s OK, you can talk, please tell me what she has to say”. I told her that she says your soul is missing pieces because of the abuse that she put you through, and because of the  abuse by others and I have to tell you that she said you coming here today was by divine intervention.

See 10 years ago I was told I needed a new heart, so to get off a transplant list I had to figure out who I needed to forgive. I knew that heart problems are about forgiveness so I had to forgive. It was not easy, but I did it and it worked so well that today I am great and I have never had a heart transplant.

I don’t mean to offend you but often God will send people who need to forgive to me (He thinks I did so well I can help others with it as well, I laughed). So your mother says you need to forgive. She tells me she was mentally ill and could not stop the things that happened. With your father, on the other hand, there was sexual abuse and beatings. She is saying he poked you, poked at you and poked in you (by this time now she is crying so badly she can hardly breathe). Next I mentioned that her mother said that her step mother also abused her. It was real anger and beatings and others joined in as well. Then I asked, do you understand this and she nodded her head. Should I stop? NO she replied.

I continued and told her that her father allowed this only because he was on heroin and he had to have his fix, so yes he sold himself to the devil. I asked if she has a brother in spirit and she nodded through her storm of tears. I let her know that he has found her mother and he is with her.

I went into great detail about all of the physical and sexual abuse and explained that she had agreed to this on some level. The crying slowed as she listened. I don’t think we ask for this per say, but we ask for the lesson and we don’t know exactly how it will play out.  So your lesson has played out harshly and it is still playing and will only stop when you learn the lesson of forgiveness.

There was so much more but what matters is when I was finished she sat up looked at me and said “I will have to rethink this God thing.” I don’t understand this all but I know my life has just changed on some level. Will you do that soul retrieval for me? I smiled and said of course I will. You need to process this and we will work on that latter. I left so she could get dressed.

When I came back she asked, “How could you know about the poking? That is what has haunted me all my life and I never have told anyone, not even my husband or my sister. It made me feel so unimportant like I was not even human. I can’t even explain how awful it is.” I smiled and said you don’t need to explain it. You just need to forgive those involved.

She left a different person and its days like this that makes me love my job. I don’t care if she believes in God or not, but I do care if she can be a better person from letting the hate go.

Lana never knows what will happen when she is working, she takes things where she is guided to take them. When doing a massage, reading cards, reading palms or starting a Past Life Regression session, she may be guided to connect with your loved ones on the other side. In cases like this Lana is guided to provide what her client needs most, even if it is totally unexpected by Lana, her client, or both of them.

You can read more about Lana at Beyond Here and Now.

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