Mediumship Gallery

New Orleans Mediumship Gallery at Mystic Bayou

Join Dallas Medium Lana Johnson and Tonia Aiken for this special New Orleans Mediumship Gallery at Mystic Bayou.

New Orleans Mediumship Gallery

April 18, 2019
Mystic Bayou
1730 Front St
Slidell, LA 70458

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Don’t miss Lana and Tonia as they each deliver messages from departed loved ones at Mystic Bayou in Slidell.

In this Mystic Bayou Mediumship Gallery, the Mediums will be communicating with loved ones who have crossed-over in this mediumship gallery style reading event. These Mediums practice what is known as Evidential Mediumship, which means that they will provide specific evidence and details about your loved ones including personality, cause of death and physical appearances as well as other information that only you would know.

A Mediumship Gallery is a wonderful opportunity to experience the power of Evidential Mediumship in a group setting. Lana and Tonia will take turns sharing messages with audience members whose loved ones are present at the gallery. The purpose of this Mystic Bayou Mediumship Gallery is to provide healing and share confirmation that there is life after death and that the life of the soul continues after it separates from the physical body.

In order to promote a successful evening, arrive with an open heart and mind, and sending love and positive energy to everyone in the room. It is also helpful to say a prayer before the event asking your departed loved ones to attend the Mystic Bayou Mediumship Gallery with you. These events have a beautiful way of touching each and every soul who attends as it is an uplifting and healing Spiritual experience!

Lana and Tonia are excited about this opportunity to work together to deliver messages from spirit in this Mystic Bayou Mediumship Gallery in Slidell.

For Reservations Call Michelle at Mystic Bayou