Trance Healing

Trance HealingTrance Healing involves the transfer of healing energy to the subject from spirit. The difference between other healing modalities and trance healing is the state of consciousness of the trance healer. Often the Trance Healer will enter into a deep delta brainwave state, which is a very deep trance state.

This form of healing has become more well known due to the work of John of God, a trance healer from Brazil. Oprah has done several shows about John of God, and he has assisted many people  through his trance healing work. People travel from all over the world to experience healing through John of God. In fact, after Lana took a class in Trance Healing with Mathew Smith from Arthur Findley College in England, she began to do Trance Healing for her clients. Since she only had minimal experience doing this type of work, Lana’s level of confidence left room for improvement.

Three weeks after an accident that left Lana practically unable to walk, she had the opportunity to go see John of God in New York. Her friend pushed her in a wheelchair on the way there, but Lana walked out of the airport when she returned, pushing an empty wheelchair. This visit was huge for Lana in terms of her own healing and not only boosted her confidence, it also provided her with connections to additional spiritual healers who work with her during her trance healing sessions.

Your Trance Healing Session

Lana prefers to use a massage table and has the client lay down on the table. She places her hands beneath the head and starts with a prayer that sets the intention for the session and invites spirit to provide the client with what they need most. It’s not always what they think they need.

Often the client will start to feel a warmth coming from her hands and their body will start to relax. As Lana enters into trance, the relaxed body of he client may feel very heavy or very light. This is when spirit pushes Lana out of her body so they can do the healing work. Since she is typically not present during the session, Lana does not know what happens during the trance healing. On rare occasions spirit will speak through Lana’s voice, though she is not aware of what is said.

When Lana enters into this state of trance, it allows the body of the client to enter a state of total relaxation, a state that encourages the body to heal itself. A wonderful sense of calm and peace envelopes the body, often resulting in a euphoric state. Many experience peace, warmth and vibrations in this state. Clients report that they sleep better after their trance healing session than they have in a long, long time. They also notice a reduction in stress and anxiety for weeks after just one session.

Lana has had a connection with spirit as long as she can remember. After many years of working with spirit and enhancing her connection she has now entered a new realm of working with spirit. That realm is called Trance Healing.

Lana and Three Main Spiritual Healers

Matthew works more on the physical realm
Petra works in emotional realms
Chin works in spiritual realms

In addition, Lana asked for additional guidance to assist her in this work, and she became aware that St. Francis Xavier is also working with her. St. Francis helps manage the sessions by deciding which spiritual healer is the most appropriate one to work with each individual client. It may be one of the 3 connected to Lana or it may be others who connect with Lana during the trance healing session.

Some of the others in spirit who Lana knows are working with her include Archangels Michael, Raphael, Germaine and Uriel. She is also aware of Mother Mary’s special touch as well.

Lana knows and makes sure her clients understand that this is sacred work and that she is not the one doing the healing. Trance healing is spiritual healing, Lana is able to provide a connection between her clients and the most appropriate spiritual healers available to work with each individual client.

Lana is eternally grateful to spirit for working with her.

Trance is not used to replace medical care and treatment in any way. You should always seek medical advice before scheduling an appointment for Trance Healing.

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